Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art – Brian Horton

15-Year Celebration: “Into the Darkness” by Brian Horton


“Survival has been a rich theme for the dev team, providing opportunities to add emotional depth and a new range of scale for a Tomb Raider game. For this painting I wanted to explore an intimate moment of Lara overcoming fear, pushing forward through a dark and claustrophobic space. In my fine art I collaborate with models so I was fortunate to work with Meagan Marie on a photo shoot for the painting. She captured the emotion I was looking for perfectly, pushing through the pain of that pose I asked her to hold. Thanks again Meagan, you rocked it!”

– Brian Horton

About Brian Horton: Brian Horton is a 16-year veteran of the video game industry and is the Senior Art Director on Tomb Raider. Brian is also an illustrator and fine artist; his work has been shown in publications and galleries throughout the world. He lives in Foster City with his wife Susan and two children Victor and Evelyn. Please follow @brianhortonart on Twitter for news and updates.

Visit and download “Into the Darknesss” to adorn your desktop or favorite mobile device.