#TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 6

Tomb Raider has touched the hearts of many fans over the years. Next up, we’re looking at Re\Visoned: Tomb Raider – an Animated Series debuted in 2007, produced by online video game service GameTap. Spanning ten episodes, leading talent from animation and comics contributed to each episode, and English actress Minnie Driver voiced Lara Croft… Continue reading #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 6

#TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 1

It has been a merry year of celebration for the Tomb Raider franchise! In light of gathering many new friends and fans of the franchise, let’s call out to the little Tomb Raider quiz I prepared for those of you who wish to have a boost on where to begin your journey!

Movie: Tomb Raider: Obsidian


American television writer, director and producer, Misha Green, is confirmed to be the next director of the postponed Tomb Raider movie. This got confirmed over her tweet, teasing the not-yet-approved title of the next movie and stating that the first draft of the script has been completed. Still a long journey to production. Title's not… Continue reading Movie: Tomb Raider: Obsidian

Tomb Raider Movie Sequel Postponed

The sequel to the rebooted Tomb Raider movies annouced back in 2019 to be released in March 19th 2021 has now been indefinitely postponed. The movie has not yet started filming, nor has an announced production start date. This comes at no surprise due to the Covid-19 measures.

Tomb Raider <3’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons


One of the things we adore most about our community is that their love for Lara carries across all aspects of their day-to-day; Tomb Raider is a way of life. So we weren’t surprised when Animal Crossing: New Horizon players began pairing Explorer Shorts with Lace-up Boots to serve up some major Lara Croft vibes.  A stellar… Continue reading Tomb Raider <3’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Stay Home & Play with Friends & Family

We’re warmed by stories of communities banding together to support those in need during uncertain times, and by honoring directives intended to protect the most vulnerable among us. Gamers are part of a global community. We regularly rally together online to return balance to fantasy kingdoms, recruit crew to save the universe from sci-fi threats,… Continue reading Stay Home & Play with Friends & Family