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  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 10

    With the extensive overview of Tomb Raider’s history these past 10 days, let us proceed with taking a look with the latest Tomb Raider Trilogy by Crystal Dynamics (developer) and Square Enix (publisher). Tomb Raider went through a second reboot in 2013, taking a look at Lara fresh out of college at the age of […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 9

    If you’re just hopping to today’s article, please consider going over to yesterday’s overview for a more in-depth view on the franchise! We will be continuing our overview on the series, so you could gain more clarity on what’s going on, and why are the developers working to unify the Tomb Raider timelines. First up […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 8

    By now, some new fans might be a still wondering, given the 25 year history of the franchise, where does it all tie in? You’re in luck, because the community is pretty excited after the developers teased that they are hard at work on unifying the Tomb Raider timelines. What does this mean? We could […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 7

    With another Tomb Raider movie on the way (or so it is planned), let’s take a look at the titles that have hit the big screen! There are two series of movies where Lara Croft comes to life. The first one is portrayed by Angelina Jolie, and the other, after the reboot of the video […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 6

    Tomb Raider has touched the hearts of many fans over the years. Next up, we’re looking at Re\Visoned: Tomb Raider – an Animated Series debuted in 2007, produced by online video game service GameTap. Spanning ten episodes, leading talent from animation and comics contributed to each episode, and English actress Minnie Driver voiced Lara Croft […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 5

    Today we will be taking a look at the Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE). The TRLE was included with Tomb Raider (5) Chronicles release on a separate CD. It is the game engine used for building the Tomb Raider 4 and 5, and its predecessors on an earlier version. Ever since its release in the […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 4

    Let us continue our adventure to Christmas by taking a look at the Tomb Raider novels that have been officially published. If you are just tuning it to our countdown – Twelve Days to Christmas, have a look at Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. The Amulet of Power ~ 2003 ~ Mike Resnick […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 3

    Continuing to celebrate along with the Tomb Raider devs, the 25 years of the franchise, let’s dive into the Tomb Raider comics that have been published over the years! If you have missed out on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Twelve Days of Christmas here in Tomb Raider Passion, follow through the links […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 2

    After taking a brief moment to take a quiz and check from which Tomb Raider to start off your journey in to the franchise, let’s have a look at the mobile/handheld games that have come out throughout the years! ~ 2000 ~ Tomb Raider (Game Boy Color) Deep in the jungles of Peru, hidden in […]

  • #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 1

    #TR25 Twelve Days of Christmas / Day 1

    It has been a merry year of celebration for the Tomb Raider franchise! In light of gathering many new friends and fans of the franchise, let’s call out to the little Tomb Raider quiz I prepared for those of you who wish to have a boost on where to begin your journey!