Tomb Raider – Released!

The Day One trailer provides an extended look at the TV commercial while celebrating Tomb Raider’s universal critical acclaim.

Here are several sources linking to reviews:

“The truth here is that this game is a finely crafted reboot, one that ensures that Lara Croft herself won’t become a relic of the past.” – Kotaku

“With a well written cast of characters, mightily impressive production techniques, sumptuous visuals, tight platforming and surprisingly enjoyable combat, Tomb Raider is most definitely a release to be treasured – 5/5.” – Digital Spy

**It appears Lara’s latest is her most impressive leap in years. Welcome back, Ms. Croft.” **- Yahoo!

**“This isn’t Lara Croft appearing in a slightly different game. This is the start of something big. A new era in the Tomb Raider franchise, and it’s one that will recapture those that it has left behind – 9/10.” **- Spong

**“Tomb Raider is a fantastic game and an excellent origin story for one of gaming’s original treasure seekers – 4.5/5.” **- GamesRadar

**“Crystal Dynamics has nailed a pitch-perfect new vision for one of gaming’s most recognizable characters, and revitalizes her for what I hope will be many more instalments. Whether or not you’ve embraced the previous games that went by this moniker, this is the time to take another look at Lara Croft – 9.25.”** – GameInformer