Multiplayer Confirmed

Without further ado, as you have already read from title – indeed, it is confirmed that Tomb Raider which is expected to be released 5th March, 2013, will have a multiplayer option! This announcement came with Lara being on the cover of the February issue of OXM! The multiplayer offering is thanks to the hard work of Crystal’s sister-studio Eidos Montreal. As much as the hype is going on, this is what Meagan-Marie, Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics said: The team at Eidos Montreal has been working away at the multiplayer while we focused everything on the single-player offering. I know you all will have dozens and dozens of questions – hang in there. OXM has the exclusive details for now. We’ll have lots of information coming out of CES in early January. I can’t answer much (anything) until then. The new art depicted on the cover is made by Brian Horton. Enjoy and stay tuned!