Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art – Stephene Hanks

Community Contribution: “Mentor” by Stephene Hanks

“I chose to draw Lara and Roth together – not just because I like Roth – but because he is a character with purpose. I know he will help craft Lara into the brave heroine we know today. He serves as an inspiration to her goal. In this piece I put them together in a situation where Roth is telling Lara that she is a Croft, but Lara has doubts because she doesn’t know her inner strength yet. I wanted to present a more meaningful piece rather than Lara in a heroic scene or posed amongst wrecked ships.”

– Stephene Hanks

About Stephene Hanks: Stephene Hanks lives in Alberta, Canada and at age 23 is currently studying nursing. Stephene’s hobbies include playing video games and drawing. [Stephene’s Website]

Visit the official Tomb Raider Flickr feed and download “Mentor” to adorn your desktop or favorite mobile device.