Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art – Johann “Papayou” Blais

Community Contribution: “Discovering” by Johann “Papayou” Blais

“To me Tomb Raider is an invitation of discovery – to travel. For this reason I wanted to represent Lara in a vast environment. I’m really excited to discover the different landscapes through the new Tomb Raider and in the meantime I offer my vision.”

– Johann “Papayou” Blais

About Johann “Papayou” Blais: Johann “Papayou” Blais is a young, French concept artist. Johann recently finished visual communication studies and began his career in 2010 with an internship at Cyanide Studio on the RPG adaptation of The Game of Thrones for the 360/PS3/PC.

After his internship Johann was hired as concept artist/matte painter by BUF Company. In the studio he worked on movies like Thor and several television ads.

Johann is currently working as independent concept artist and would like to work for a big video game studio on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. You can follow him on twitter @PapayouFR. [Papayou’s Website]

Visit the official Tomb Raider Flickr feed and download “Discovering” to adorn your desktop or favorite mobile device.