Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art – Long Vo

15-Year Celebration: “Wolf Den” by Long Vo

“When I saw the demo for the new vision of Tomb Raider, I was instantly struck by how desperate and gritty the scenarios were. The original games always evoked a sense of awe, but none of those environments ever felt as threatening or ominous as the new game. My piece is a scene from one of the early demos where Lara is attacked by a grizzled wolf in its den. I tried to go for a claustrophobic scene with the only space being the light from Lara’s torch – Lara being pulled into the dark by the wolf. I hope you enjoy it! ”

– Long Vo

About Long Vo: Long Vo is an Artist, Creative Director, and one of the original co-founders of Gaia Online. Over the last decade, Long has worked on various art productions for companies like Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Warner Bros, Mattel, Toynami, Harmony Gold, Udon and Capcom. He’s worked on properties such as Street FighterTatsunoko VS CapcomInceptionRobotechThundercats and X-men. Long is currently co-founder and Chief Product Officer at [Long’s Website]

Visit and download “Wolf Den” to adorn your desktop or favorite mobile device.