Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art – Andy Park

15-Year Celebration: “Rebirth” by Andy Park


“It was such a treat to revisit Tomb Raider since I illustrated her adventures in the Top Cow comic book series over a decade ago. Typically, Lara is always shown as being supremely confident despite the odds she faces. Here I wanted to show trepidation and yet a confidence that is deep within but not fully realized. It was fun to be able to tackle the challenge of illustrating Lara in a similar way that I do in my day-to-day job as a concept artist for the film industry. I had nothing but fun.”

– Andy Park

About Andy Park: Andy Park has provided concept design and illustration services to the entertainment industry for over 16 years. His work has spanned throughout the entertainment mediums of film and television, video games, comic books, books, and magazines.

Andy began his career in 1995 illustrating comic books for Image Comics, Top Cow Productions, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics on such titles as Tomb RaiderUncanny X-MenExcaliburWeapon X, and Superman. In the last decade, Andy has moved from comic book illustration to creating concept art for the film, television, and video game industries. He played a major role in developing games for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment on the award-winning God Of War Franchise. In television, he has contributed to shows like True Blood and V.

Most recently, Andy has been doing visual development work/concept art for blockbuster films such as ThorCaptain America: The First Avenger, and 2012’s highly anticipated film, The Avengers. [Andy’s Website]

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